Tuesday 14th day of @Chestermarathon Training

Mood: in the morning Grumpy grrrrr possibly due to a grumpy baby, bad weather and a grumpy bloke – who will dispute it was me who made him grumpy!!

Mood: pre run / Speedwork session tired which prompted this text to coach:

Dear Coach Den pls be nice to me @ speed work tonight because I’m tired I have ran 106 miles in 2 weeks 🙂 x

How did it go?
Well, as always I get myself all worked up to work hard and after a muddy 4 mile short run tonights speed work session involved:
2x1min ( my faces)

Coach Den was not nice to me :(his verbal response to my text was Dear Athelete, tiredness is inevitable but you still have to give all you have got!!! and some so…..


Coach was on my shoulder for a 3 Min which resulted in my heaving at the end I gave it all I has and he was with me for a 2 as well, but to be honest I gave each one everything I could give!!

WHOOOsh!!! I felt fast and strong
I finished with 3 miles running with Steph a fellow marathon runner in training to get those miles in our mileometers
Still working for that Sub 3:30 @chestermarsthon I do not want those 25 seconds hanging on, and I am quite intrigued to know Coach Dens plan as he’s got my 2 year plan!!!!!

Keep Runny Happy Runners
What doesn’t Injur you, makes you faster

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