Day 16 Soggy Sprint Finish

Well after a day with the kids I was ready for my run!!

Weather WET, WET, WET that’s right wet!!

Mood: Ready to run after a day with the twins, but could have quite easily opted to stay in and eat icecream watching the Olympics 😛

Run WET, 9.5 miles with running club, it was split into 2 runs short 2 5 and then 7m longer run but shorter than normal for intermediate runners.

The run was steady with 2 running mates then we dropped Chris who is a triathlete and had bean out this morning @ 5 on his bike riding hill reps!! So I ran most of the WET route with Niamh and towards the end of the run Chris caught us up, he then took over us and set the stage for a race!!! So we picked up our pace and caught him and passed him. Once again he had a surge and passed us!! Then to finish our club runs we usually run up what is known as the Avenue where tonight we all went for it. We passed Chris and then the sprint was on between myself and Niamh Niamh pipped me at the post!! It was great fun and turned a sad soggy slog into a good run!

Other News:

My Olympic tickets arrived today, no Adidas kit but you never know..:] I also booked a room for this Saturday night so after we’ve watched We will Rock You we can watch the Womens Marathon on Sunday.

So there you have my 16th training day =D

Loving our Olympic spirit, I think 2012 will be a very memorable year after London. marathon, Jubilee, Skydive, Olympics, and still to come great north run and Chester marathon!!!!!!!

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