Marathons, Miles and Mascots

Mood:  Great mood, I had been to see the fantabulous We Will Rock You and was in London to see the women’s Olympic marathon!!

I was tired after a night in the Travel Lodge and my feet ached after walking in heels for what felt like miles the night before, but generally I have been in a pretty good mood all day.

We watched the marathon which was truly inspirational to me, looking at the runners differing styles and physiques and cheering them all on was amazing.  Not even the weather with its down pours of rain could dampen spirits.   After watching we headed off to sight see in our Olympic hosting capital and along the way and the day previously I had a few pictures with a few mascots.  Here they are for you!!!

More mascot shots to come, wordpress is not playing tonight!!

Inspired and shattered I headed to the roads at 7.30 tonight with Amy in tow on her bike and I ran 7 miles in the rain at an 8.57  min mile pace which makes 56 miles in total this week.





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