A Change is as Good as a Rest. @neilteague

Well my running group was a flop, no one turned up!! I think a rethink is needed maybe a different day? different time starting begining early or mid September. But on the flip side I ran with the chaps who do the early run 2.5 miles in the rain and then again at 7 another 3 miles in more rain.

The climax of the evenings training was Hill reps with, not Coach Den, but coach Neil on his bike and we did Hill reps , 4 different hills running as fast as we could up each of them twice. It was a great session. and Coach Den came along for the last 2 hills as a victim (his own words)

Not a bad days training at all 🙂

I may not always practice what I preach, but what I preach is well practiced

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