Hooky 6 Race, Got to Sort the Pace !! a day late but lets face it most of you were watching THAT closing ceremony :))

DAY 24

The Plan:

Recover from Olympic Exhaustion!!  and skip Saturdays training and  then ace the race………….. running a 2 mile warm up 6 mile race and 2 mile warm down!!

The reality – even the best plans can go wrong!!!  I ran the race and at about mile 2 I thought I would be lucky to run all 6 Hooky miles.  The route was on country roads like the ones I am to and the weather was great, hot but great.  A fellow club runner who is older than me by about to get 15-20 years my senior and a bloody good runner just whizzed past me and I normally do not let that happen a of and today it happened, which meant tears of frustration  for me at the end of the race before regaining my composure and saying ITS FINE!

Training Plan after the race, need to be running more training races at 8 – 8.30 min miles so race pace is not such an effort (something good always comes out out of something bad if you look for it)

Plus side + Nice T-Shirt and after the race and

a quick trip home it was off to Coach Dens and Lucy’s for an Olympic

BBQ to eat, share Olympic experiences and chill 🙂

and now whats done is done so I’ll leave it there and……………..

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