Holiday Marathon Training days…28,29,30

Last year my summer training for the Chester marathon had no real interruptions because we only had short breaks and I didn’t have a target to hit other than to run a marathon; (my first) this year we booked a week off work with the intention of spending everyday doing something with the kids!!

We have spent this week everywhere,
Monday – Warwick at Warwick Castle – pics with Henry 8th and being scared out of minds in the Warwick Dungeons, I squeezed my 7m in at the end of the day dragging Doug along for the ride on his bike and making it a tempo run 🙂

Tuesday- We stayed close to home and headed for Pitville Park for ball games on the park followed by the cinema for the kids and a pleasant plod around the shops for me & Doug I managed to get to running club for my miles and Speedwork session so no disruption

Wednesday – Up with the birds to make sure the run was done so I could enjoy the fun!! Off to London on the train – to Hyde Park for a picnic, it was great to see all those other runners knowing my work for the day was done and then to the Science Museum followed by Noodles and Pic a Mix on Oxford Street before our journey home 🙂

Thursday, Norfolk bound for a few days, the home of chalets amusements, food, and tattoos .  A long journey of 5 hours with a dog drop stop to reach our destination saw me deciding Thursday would be my day off 🙂 so……..

I was up after a night of trying to sleep on an air bed and ready to run around Hemsby to reach 7 I had to 2 and a half loops of Hemsby, I was apprehensive as I do not know the area too well but once on the run it was fine and done in know time.  So I had the day free for the fabulously fun for all ages Bewiderwood which we all enjoyed and then followed by at night at the local cabaret club, untill the twins could take no more !!

Saturday – Beach day – and allI had to run was 3 miles a nice easy 1 loop of Hemsby and done and off to Cromer we went for a day of fun in the very hot sun.  Time on the beach a first sea toddling experience for the twins and then crab fishing, followed by home and a fish and chip tea 🙂 Oh no told Coach Den my plans to swap long run to Monday which he was happy with but I should have run 5 miles, so I promised to add one to my Sunday run !!

Sunday- Homeward bound today and 7 miles to run.  I decided I could not face any more loops of Hemsby so I decided to run and out and back route along a road we had driven the day before, I had a great run even in the heat with the sun beating down to the beach in Winterwell and then ran back in time to help with the clearing up and shipping out!!  Next stop a last meal out Breakfast and a Tattoo for me!!  It’s what you do at the seaside isn’t it so I did and thankfully it turned out well.

So there you have it. a change here and there and I managed to resist the temptation to have a break from it all and on we go to a 7 day a week schedule.  I returned home to my Great North Run Pack very exciting I am number 3031 !!!

26.2 miles Chester Marathon it’s all for you 🙂

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