3 Men & Me…..day 32 and 33

and Jan for a little while =) this is how last nights run totalling 11.4 miles went =)

First run at 6.30pm was a solo run for
me as Ed, Roger and John had left before I arrived. I ran 3 miles at a steady pace thinking that I’d have an easy chatting run on the next session……how wrong I was! The next run followed on very quickly from the first and had me running with an endorphin fuelled Mrs Teague, fresh from her spinning class and for a first run back from injury. She was running well and kept my pace up. It ended in a short fun sprint race with Graeme another fellow runner, if your wondering I won =) =)

The next training session was Speed work with Coach Neil, a great session that saw us all, just 5 of us run out 2 miles and run the following session. 1×30 secs 1 x 1min 1×1.30 secs 3 times!! as always spurred on by fellow runners and coach it was a hard session. By the end of the session It was just myself, Coach, new very fast at efforts club member Brendan and Andy and I felt I held my own amoungst the chaps, I was never last anyway =) we finished the session with short jogs, 3/4 pace and then sprinting, loved it. Jog back to the Leisure centre and all my miles plus 1.4 were done and I was in much better spirits. 🙂

Today day 33, a long day with work and even longer still after morning upset 😥 then home with the twins, one of whom had mischief in her bones and was enjoying tormenting her brother. This helped raise the stress levels!!
Anyway life in general aside, I went for my run just after 8 and ran all 8 miles in over an hour @ 9.6 min mile pace I’ve had some tub time and I’m ready for tomorrow. Hoping for a lie in (please send your thoughts to my twins to lie in)

I’m on a 7 day a week schedule now!!!
Keep smiling! Keep running!! and if you’ve got this far, thanks for reading X

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