Knock Out!!!!!!! Que Sera Sera

Oh no bug striken and off my schedule for 2 days!!

My long run day was Sunday and I had organised a run with a fellow club runner, running 3 miles to her house and then 7 miles together and then 10 miles on my own to make up the 20 miles I had on my schedule.

It was a glorious morning and I was up at 7am. Breakfast was porridge  with sugar on  (thought  may need the glucose) which I struggled to eat. I put my lack of appetite down to pre run apprehension which was odd for just a training run.  I drank a glass of water, gotmy water supplies ready,  loaded my gel belt, bursting a gel in the process so I had to have it (£1 per gel I wasn’t going to waste it) and just as I was about to leave Daisy woke up. I went to get her up from her cot to find her covered head to toe in icky sicky (that’s mummy talk for vomit) Daddy to the rescue so I could head out, after a quick strip off (baby not me)

I began my run and was feeling off and odd and probably running 10 minute miles I just could not get in to gear.  A mile in I just stopped, I considered whether I felt unwell or unfit, I started again and then just thought NAH!!!  it’s not going to happen.  Not a full 20 miles!   So I phoned Niamh my running buddy and apologised, then  I phoned home to say I was heading back and then…. burst in to tears because I felt rubbish, rubbish for copping out.

I was picked up by Doug and home we went.  I changed out of running gear and got on with day-to-day life and getting twins sortes etc.. feeling pretty lousy.  I thought I’d try to make the best of it and set off to a Landrover show with Doug.   There was a stop on route when nausea over took me and I hung my head out of the car door (nice I know)  On we went and arrived in a muddy Eastnor where we were probably the only Ford Cougar amongst lots and lots of Landrovers.  We made it on to the show site and then on foot waded around Landrovers and Landrover parts stalls, Landrover clothes etc..  carrying the twins around most of it.  We must have lasted about ooh and hour for our £12 entry fee and by the time we waded out Doug was looking dodgy too.  The getting out of Eastnor was even more fun, more mud and no Landrover resulted in Doug pushing me down a muddy hill which the Cougar slid down.  By now both feeling rubbish,  all covered in Mud (not so much Daisy as she walked the least)  We headed home to the sofa, we gave babies milk to persuade them to chill and watch TV and the rest is something of a blur of headache, body ache, baby tea-time baby bath, baby bed and 9pm in to bed zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

A KNOCK OUT !!!!!!!

I woke up today feeling a lot better but still very achey and exhausted.

Great it was bank holiday, not so great,  I had work.  Doug was still poorly too,  but the babies were going to Nursery so that was good, he could potter and have some time to recover.  Off we all set to drop babies off and me at work,  We arrived at the Nursery only to find it was shut for the holiday.  Poor Doug was gutted !!  the twins of terror were to be with him for the day (do not laugh, he was poorly)  To work I went with plans of a 20 miler this evening.  A long, wet busy bank holiday selling sweet’s to the sugar hungry masses. By the end of the day when Doug and the twins picked me up I was still keen to do that run (ignoring the physical exhaustion I felt) Doug described his day with the happy but not too well (in the nappy area) twins and I decided I couldn’t bring myself to drag the poor bloke out in the rain on a 20 mile run with me and be rushing the twins in to bed.  All just so we had a chance of getting home before 11pm.  So I let that run go and I’ve let both runs go completely now, (Sorry Coach Den)  written them off and just hope I can carry on and see what I pull out of the bag on race day!!!

Whatever will be Will be !!!!


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