Give and Take…..

……and if your used to taking, its hard to give when you want to run the best time you can on your next marathon!

Well tonights run was 10 miles, mood: fractious and weather better =)

The run was another one made up of a short 2.5.mile, 4.5 mile fartleks and a 3 miler with Doug on bike in close pursuit
it was good for the first run back.

Its probably me but because I’m not the only person training in house It seems harder to run guilt free. If I need to run then so does Doug aswell;

This week there’s the added complication of our live in babysitter supremo and daughter wanting to follow her own ambitions and has a battle of the bands competition on a usual training night.

I do take it forgranted that I will manage to get my runs in without a second thought because previously Dougs been about more, (he’s now working 40 or so hours a week) and happy to have the kids with no worries about his own training. He’s still is happy to have them but wants to get out too and its difficult. I cannot help my selfishness when it comes to the running I want to run the best I can and however much my little do good angel whispers in my ear, my little red devil do it for you guy keeps duffing her in and causing a row!!

Currently in Coventry (not quite) due to training selfishness and thoughltless words 🙂 😦 but I just want to have the best chance as does Doug I know but……

Grrrrrr bang bang brick wall


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