A Bundle of joy Day 44 and the ones gone before

Yesterday was Day 44 !! and I pulled my first 22 miles off of this schedule, 8 miles with company helped a lot and I’m now chuffed that after some hefty mileage I can still run long and strong 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 smiley runner

The day before the 22 miles my run was 7 miles, once again booted out of the car after a family shopping trip once again a good run at a good pace.

Thursday – I was up with the birds and on the lanes running 5 miles nice and early so I was able to support my talented daughter at her battle of the bands competition.

Wednesday wet, work hard Wednesday,  running with the coach meant a good sustained 8.30/ mile pace run on a hilly but beautiful route and the heavens opened which meant we both had to work hard on our swimming style 🙂

and then of course today…. well I was up at silly o’clock and out running  5 miles so that I did not have 10 to run tonight.  I chose the flattest route I could and felt good-by then end of the run, and then it was deja vous tonight as I went out running again.  I have run 6 miles tonight with my running buddy Niamh.


looking forward to tomorrows speed work and another 10 miles to add to the Mileometer £££££

Happy Running Happy Runners X

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