The Lost Runners

If you have opened this blog expecting to read about a tribe of ancient runners I am afraid you will be disappointed. The lost runners were me and fellow club mates on our cross-country run =)

Last night I  ran 14 miles in total 3 to running 3 on our first short run 6 on our cross-country adventure.  The miles with fellow club runners were fun 🙂 in particular the cross-country part of the run which saw us running around like lemmings not to sure where we should be.  We ran as a group of 5 myself my regular run buddy (at the mo) Niamh and 3 chaps.  The first thing we all did wrong was not to check our route, I am terrible for that, I do rely on the other runners to lead the way and the next was not to take a phone with us.  It worked out well in the end with us finding home easily enough but there were grumbles to be heard from a newer runner who had come along on his first longer run (oh dear)

It made me chuckle and the skies were glorious – filled with red and orange cloud from the sunset – here’s a picture of where we were….ish

Key points folks are  always know your route and especially if running on your own take your phone 🙂

My previous nights running was just a quick 2.5 mile stretch out to keep me in the mindset of running EVERY day – I had extra miles in the mile bank but felt I should run anyway even after Tuesdays Speedwork session.

This Tuesday I worked myself in to a term I saw and like on twitter today THE PUKE ZONE !!  nice but true – this is why I rarely eat before a speed session !!  Great session and I’m on the up again !!!

5 miles to run today and 7 Saturday and then its THE LONG 22 on Sunday

Its going well – hope your trainings going well and if your not training yet get out there and get going – It will make you feel great (well most of the time)

HAPPY RUNNING HAPPY RUNNERS x and comment and leave me some inspiration on here ITS GOOD TO SHARE

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