The Taper Time Blues :(

Feeling lethargic sleepy and weepy

What is wrong with me?

I’ve run and run miles and miles how fit should I be?

Is it because the miles have gone down

To help me feel refreshed and new?

But it’s sending me barmy crazy in the head

I got the Taper time blues !!!

(this works well to a blues beat 😉

I’m going barmey I’m awful to live with I am miserable as sin one minute up the next down my mileage has dropped to 40 miles from 70  and I know it !!  just 3 today and atleast I can blow off steam at the Finstock 10k tomorrow.  In search of support for my taper blues I found the poem below by Kimberly Boggin so I  thought I’d share  xx

Taper Time Tantrum

‘I cannot run again today,’ Said little Betty Ann Bengay.

‘My quads are cramped.

My nerves are shot.

I think I might have purple snot.

My arch is pulled.

My glutes are sore.

My back it doesn’t bend no more.

My feet they have this awful smell.

I have another black toenail.

My elbow aches each time I pee.

And what’s that grinding in my knee?

I have a stress fracture.  In my skull. My friends, they say,

I’m full of bull.

I think I may have pulled a lung.

Eleven miles ain’t a REAL long run!

My legs they are no longer speedy.

My husband thinks I’m really needy.

If I run more will I get faster?

Will micro-tears just cause disaster?

I think that I should carbo-load.

Uh oh. No way. Where’s the commode?

My glycogen is kinda spent.

I know my shin, it needs a splint.

My singlet smells like something funky.

And don’t you think my butt looks chunky?

My IT band no longer bends.

When will this taper ever end?

My hamstrings hurt and–what?

What’s that you say? You say today is…marathon day?

G’bye.  I’m going out to run.’

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