Will the Real Cotswold Claire Please Stand UP!!!

On the 21 October 2012 after running my best ever half marathon time and 2 weeks after running my best ever marathon time. I dissapeared!!

Engulfed by a demon bug which also had in its grips my daughter Daisy!!

The trip to The Stroud Half was filled with the normal pre race stress that I go through, even more so with the twins on board, although Doug does his best to keep me chillaxed. It is inevitable that by the time we reach race HQ I am in a flap about not having enough time to warm up, go to the loo, check my shoe laces, or whatever I can possibly think of during my adrenalin fuelled out of body persona. On this particular day the stress levels were a little higher after Daisy had just been ill all over her only coat and on her sisters hand. No panic Doug was on it, I could still run. I had decided already it may not be a great run, two weeks after the marathon, under mummy stress, neg head, neg head, neg head!!

Off I set and my pace was good around 7 min miles and although I felt I could have pushed the pace up to catch a fellow club runner who had shot off in front I knew to complete the 13.1 miles I needed to bide my time. Eventually I caught my fellow club runner Nigel and passed him and I could see another club runner Steph. At one point all 3 of us were running in a group and it was nice to use the others to keep me going and pull me on. I managed to keep Steph in my sights for a while and then she pulled away (she is 10 years younger – always an excuse) I did not let this spoil my plan I was still keeping my pace and was still on my tail. Lets cut this short, I left Nigel not far before the end I had a terrific run and arrived over the line in 1 hour 31 mins and 18 seconds !! I was coughing well, but elated. The course was great and there were PBs all round. Oh, and a team prize =) =)

The weather was damp and cold and after hanging about for a short while we decided to head home via a Garden Centre and McDonalds, unfortunately more sick from Daisy in the hair of Amy meant no McDonald’s and home.

By now I was feeling squiffy myself and just put it down to running, not eating. Life went on as normal, running after the twins etc.. After trying to eat some dinner, I could do no more I was over powered by the BUG!! My body would not allow food and would reject it in any way it could =[

I have not seen the real me for nearly a week now, although I think Im coming back!!

A good thing is that my body was forced to have rest fro. running which it really needs to have to improve.

So if I could please ask the real Cotswold Claire to stand up we’ll get back to the plan and get training for that 3:15 marathon!!!

Happy Running x

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