2 Days 2 Races if you Don’t Want to Do it, Do it!!

Mud, Water, Wind and Rain !! That was my weekend of racing

This weekend saw 2 firsts for me 🙂 My first Cross Country race for my club and my first 5 mile race! Actually make that 3 firsts, my very first pair of spikes to add to my ever growing collection of running footwear. I’m hoping for some nice lightweight racers next but need to think of a good reason….. (Ummm, taps chin with fingers pondering)

Here are my lovely spikes pre race

20121105-223906.jpg I’ve not taken a picture afterwards but believe me they were muddy and trailing with Autumn leaves. However they have been washed, stuffed and dried out for their next event sometime in February I think.

My current motto is if you don’t want to Do it, Do it !! Which is how I ended up running 2 races this weekend. I am not a huge cross country runner, I like the trails and the lanes in the summer but actual winter season, mud and water, slip sliding cross country running is not a favourite I have admit. But following my motto I thought I’d give the Cross Country a go. I arrived just a tad early 3 hours to be precise. Plenty of time to register, buy spikes and have lunch.

Returning to Pitville park in Cheltenham to race I put my very obviously brand spanking new spikes on all very pink they had never seen a spot of mud in their life and I ran up and down a few times in an attempt to warm up or at least look as though I was warming up amongst a good field of club runners. Then it was a close huddle at the start before we were off on 2 laps and a half ! With a stream crossing twice. I was very thankful to be donning the spikes as I’d have never stayed up without them. It was tough and I felt like I’d ran miles and miles arriving home 48th out of a field of approximately 127 in just over 29 mins. ( Course distance was 6080 meters approx) do I now love cross country NO but I will be running cross country again very soon.

The next race of the weekend was the Tewkesbury AC Guy Fawkes 5 miles. The rain was hammering down the whole way there and the roads were flooding, it was freezing cold and some fellow club members reported snow on their route!!
Despite the cold and the rain I decided to race this fast 5 miles in my club vest, I’d actually spilt something on my club T-shirt so the vest was all I had. I knew this was going to be a fast race and I went off at a 6.30 mile pace I managed this for the first 2 and began to slow at nearly 3 miles. Fortunately there was a guy pacing a few other ladies who were running and his words of encouragement became a great source of strength to me. Cold, wet but far from miserable my new 5 mile PB is now 34:18 !! Which could mean that elusive 42 minute 10k is just round the bend.

So sometimes, if you do the things you don’t want to do, you realise there not so bad after all

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