Running on Bank Account Empty

Running is free, you can wear anything run anywhere, anytime. I’ve heard this so many times and, yes as a beginner runner it can be free or nearly free. You need a pair of running shoes and away you go. You can really wear what you like and we usually all have something comfy we have used for some of the moment keep fit class many moons ago.

But as you begin to run more and want more from your running the cost grows as you grow as a runner.

You’ve been running on the roads for a while and feel ready for a race, well races cost money, firstly the entry, then there’s the cost of travel etc…..

For many of us as we develop we seek out other runners who can help motivate us keep us company, offer us new challenges and if we find this in the form of a club we have club memberships to pay.

It’s possible with all this running you have lost some weight so you may need new kit and you will have been influenced by other runners at race and in your club, soon you will be considering your kit. Running tops, tights, socks, hi-vis, hats, gloves, long tights, short tights, and the kit for after a run and club kit.

Your running well and your going to your races and times are getting faster but you do not know your pace, how fast you have run, it’s time….. You begin thinking about a GPS watch, there are many out there but unless you are extremely lucky no one gives you one (maybe Santa) the next running purchase maybe?

So now you’ve been running for a while and covered a few miles, this is when you begin to hear about having to change your running shoes after a certain number of miles, oh no new running shoes time.

Then there is always the possibility that you want to trail run or cross country run and this means more running shoes, trail shoes and spikes!!!

So is it truly possible to get running on Bank Account Empty, how many people out there do not run or stop running not merely because of fitness but because of cost? We send our used but still usable running shoes abroad for people to use but what’s available for those on low incomes in this country?

I run, I buy kit and enter races but for me to do this other things go by the way side – like decorating the house, new furniture, as I prioritise my running.

So is running free folks? You tell me?

2 thoughts on “Running on Bank Account Empty

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  1. Great post. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, because I’ve lost weight and had forgotten how much new running clothes can cost. There are other things you haven’t mentioned too, like the cost of physio treatment for injuries and prevention, which can quickly mount up.

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