Lets all do the Conga da da da da !!! I’m Back :)

Having been suffering, no, not from a bug! but from Bloggers Block I am back!!

2012 has been an amazing year for me in many ways doing what I love (running and racing) and enjoying epic events like,The Jubilee and the Olympics along with spending some great treasured times with my family. My partner starting up his own business, my daughter getting out there and showing off her talent busking in Cheltenham and surviving the twins evolving in to troublesome toddlers!!

Of course there have been tears and tantrums along the way ( that’s just me)

Unfortunately it took something of a nose dive during the first week of December when I received a phone call from a police officer telling me not to PANIC but Doug had been involved in a accident. Of course I panicked. Doug had been in a serious accident which left him with a very large gash in his knee 2 broken bones in his spine and battered and bruised. During the treatment that he received for the accident a Cat scan was carried out which found out that Doug has Kidney Cancer. Some say that’s a good thing? It would not have been found if the accident had not have happened.

In those same weeks just before Christmas my Grandma a lady who is someone I love very very much and had been a major influence in my life, died. I did begin to feel low and the world looked dark and bleak, but when you have others counting on you, you have got to get on with it (grandma would say)

You can see that our run up to Christmas and 2013 was not a great one and Doug has battles to fight through 2013 which we will battle together!!


Like with all New Years, New Starts, you must look forward make plans, and do what YOU can!! and I can:

Enjoy my family & friends
Each of them are great in so many ways and I am lucky to have a great partner, loads of kids, fab parents and brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews and lots of friends, Im going to simply enjoy them

So in 2013 my 3 key events to run (So Far) are London Marathon aiming for sub 3:15, Edinburgh Marathon aiming just to be able to run another marathon just a month after London and Snowdonia Marathon, aiming to just keep on running 🙂 and I will also be training and racing and helping others go from Walking to Running !! and getting my Coach in Running Licence

Live Life

Take what comes, the high points the low points the everyday stuff the extraordinary stuff, be strong when I need to be, cry, laugh be happy be sad. That’s what life is about, it is never easy and even when you think times are bad there is definitely always someone who is having a tougher time than you.

So please join me and


Into the year ahead

LIVE 2013

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