Running Makes You Older!

This was the little gem of information that my 11 year old daughter shared with me a few nights ago.

REALLY ! was my reply, I think I look quite good for my 36 years.


What do you think? I’m the one in the white vest top.

With this hard hitting fact ringing in my ears I immediately began googling to see what others thought and also asked my running mates what they thought, most of whom I thought looked a lot younger at least 5-10 years than there actual age.

The general consensus amongst my fellow runners was that running keeps you young!! and makes you look great, but we are runners so we would think that.

So what did I read? Running (particularly on roads) as we know impacts on the joints and some out there felt this causes your joints to age quicker. A friend of mine who is a Physio says there is no real evidence to support this, is there?

Here’s a chaps feeling on the Runners World Forum a few years back:

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Running: Does it make you age or stay young?
I have heard from numerous people that those who are long term runners (ie, consistent exercisers) appear to look “10 years younger” than one would expect.

Do you think running makes you “feel” or “look” younger?? (this question is for those Masters out there).
Personally, I think competative and long term running causes more rapid aging of the bones,joints,ligaments and in men probably leads to accelerated hair loss due to excessive secretion of testosterone and immune system problems (from too much “stress”).

Any thoughts?

Other thoughts were, because we are very likely to be running in all weathers our faces become wrinkly and dry, this can be combatted with moisturiser, but if your anything like me I only ever moisturise when I think about it, like now!! But as yet Im no too wrinkly – neither are my parents or were their parents and personally I think a lot of our wrinkliness is down to our genetics so I’m hoping that I’ll be ok 🙂 also for us ladies without the correct support things could be more likely to head south :/ fortunately there’s support out there ladies (and men with moobs)

I think Running Keeps me young, it makes me happy it gets my heart pumping and it makes me feel good (ignore all previous ouch I ache, I’m worn out blogs)

Has running made you older? or are you a youthful spritely old runner ?


2 thoughts on “Running Makes You Older!

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  1. Running might make you feel older when you start out, I guess sore muscles take their toll initially especially if one is particularly unfit… once my body got used to regular exercise I’d definitely say from experience it made me feel much fitter and therefore I suppose I felt rather a bit younger! 🙂

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