Ifs, Buts and Maybes

A week of snow and I managed to get nearly all the miles in but slower than I would have liked, it all culminated my first race of 2013 Almost Athletes Linda Franks 5mile race.

It was an early start and I was up at 6.30am showered and dressed , then dressed the twins so they were ok for dad who is still recovering from his Kidney removal 2 weeks ago 😦 I woolfed down my cinnamon and honey porridge and my cup of tea checked Id got my essential kit including chocolate milk recovery drink and my registration paper and ran out of the door dropping the rubbish in the bin on the way out. My lift was waiting at the end of the road so off we went at 7.45am Cheltenham bound.

We arrived in plenty of time and I did a steady mile to warm up BUT not enough of a warm up if you were to ask Coach Den! Then off I went in search of the start line with my fellow runners. There was a short time when we were all looking confused and feeling disorientated because the start was not clearly marked. It turned out we were in the correct area but some of us were pointed in the wrong direction 🙂 Safety information given a couple more minutes of holding our fingers over the start on the sports watch then…… we were off

I saw a runner from Tewkesbury who often beats me by seconds in races and thought Iwould stick with her on this one which I did and then feeling ok BUT not good, I passed her and carried on the route which was mainly pathways. The marshals all around the course were a friendly bunch 🙂 I carried on and got to 2.5 miles the halfway point and it began feeling tough, at this point the Tewkesbury runner came past me. That was a bit demotivating to say the least 😦 but she pulled up to cough or be ill I’m not sure because I kept going :/ I was beating myself up because I knew I was slow and I was getting slower….. and then coming up from behind came John, every runner needs a John!!! It’s unusual these days for me to see John in races, but he was going strong whilst I was going wrong. John kept telling me to keep going stay ahead of him, he told me Ali another club mate was just 30 yards away and he basically verbally pushed me across the line, ahead of him in a time of 35 mins, I was heaving away and felt ummm pants, rubbish, useless, not happy, BUT happy because St John of Bourton Roadrunners had got me home :)))))

So lets pull this apart and put it together with the Ifs, Buts and the Maybes

IF I didn’t have my family commitments would I be a better runner MAYBE, BUT IF I didn’t have my family, would running have been my hobby of choice

IF I hadn’t have eaten a Belgian bun, a strawberry Sunday and a few Doritos the night before MAYBE I would have raced better BUT I did 😦

IF I had been able to train harder in the week would I have got a better time at the race MAYBE, BUT at least I got out there and trained the miles

MAYBE a longer warm up would have helped IF I’d run one BUT I didn’t

IF St John had not been with me MAYBE I would not have made it, BUT who knows

IF your race is not great BUT you are going to race again MAYBE you should put it down to experience and get out there and race again

Happy Running, Happy Runners 🙂

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