Why I Write about Running @writethisrun In Rhyme :)

Why do I share the running I do by blogging every now and again?

When I began running a few years ago, I would of liked support and advice from blogs then.

There is so much to share and so much to give, a wealth of common miles through which we all live

If I’m trying to run faster then maybe you are too?

We all have our issues so let’s share a few

I’m running slowly, Ive lost my mojo

I’ll tell my blog readers they’ll sort me, I know!!

I have run a great race, it was fantastic to do

So I’ll write a race review and share it with you

Running gets my heart pounding and writing calms it down

If I’m running and I’m writing I’m nice to have around

A simple rhyme to share why I blog about when I run 🙂 Happy Running Happy Runners

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