The First Fifty :)


I have completed week one of the 12 week road to sub 3:15 marathon running, so here is my week:

Monday – 5 steady miles, run with my running buddy from last year who is currently on a break from her running and was able to help me run steady whilst catching up on missed gossip and swapping our advice on anything and everything 🙂 a morning run with the odd icey patch on the route out and had cleared on the way back (out and back route)

Tuesday- 3 sessions in the evening, the first a short 2.5 mile run with St John of my running club and excellent runner, motivator of many. Followed by another 3 mile run at a pleasant pace getting to a new club member and soon to be first time marathon runner Jo, who is managing on just 24 miles a week due to injury. Then last but by no means least the speed work session!! 6 x 1 mins flat out followed by a race inwhich myself and partner set off from point A to beat each other to point B going in the opposite directions on a loop about 6 times. After this I was shattered and thought I was finished and then found out we had another group of 6x 1 mins to do. Just when I thought I was dying on the last 1 minute coach came along and advised I free my arms up and really pump them and lengthen my stride. This resulted in my gliding past everyone and crumpling into a heap of nausea at the end of the minute RESULT 10 miles altogether

Wednesday- 4 miles – I was dropped off on route home from car hunting and I had a cold but pleasant run home at a starry pace. Lesson learnt on this run was always check your iPod is charged or be miserable until you forget your disappointment at mile 1/2.

Thursday- two runs that made up 10 miles the first a fast 2.5 with coach and my 3:15 pacer @teamedwards500 so I felt I had to hold my own 🙂 🙂 then another good run heading up a hill which I have mentioned before ‘The Drainpipe’ it was tough as always but felt good, I ran with my current running partner and friend Niamh @nshoemark for tweeters I ploughed on up the hill and waited for Niamh at the top circling around knowing that my legs would think it was over if I stopped and then we tanked on at a good old pace as long as we could. A great run with an overall pace of 8 min miles so I was happy. Although this should have been a steady run as the plan was I was running cross country on Saturday.

Saturday- ALL CHANGE I ummed and ahh’d and decided because I was going to Cadbury World on the Sunday I would do my long run and not cross country. So I ran 14 miles in and around Stow with Niamh – it was cold and sunny – I arrived at Niamh’s thinking it was spring, no hat no gloves, fortunately Niamh has a lot of spares. I needed those gloves and the hat !! again a nice run I was feeling fit.

Sunday- After a day of chocolate indulgence I had agreed that I would make my Sunday run a tempo run, because I felt guilty telling coach I was not running cross country :/ so after a briefing from coach I had a warm up run to the starting point of a 5 mile time trial route and set off as though I was racing. I remembered my times at certain points to compare afterwards . Ran the route in 34:17 that’s my PB for 5 miles as it happens :). I sent coach the details and here’s his feedback


Just 11 more weeks and many more miles to go !!!

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