10k TAKE 2

<em>Last years 10k

Sunday the day of the race and both, yes that’s both babies were poorly, full of cold which meant grizzly, dribbly snotty and unhappy little cherubs. We fed them watered them gave them Parecetomol and got them comfy in their tank for two. It was a glorious day again and we walked the mile and a half to the centre of the village where runners were gathering. They were all there, the club runners, the first time runners young and old all shapes sizes raring to go. I on the other hand was still suffering from nerves and adrenalin. I ran a warm up mile and felt much better after that because I did not cough the whole way through. I kissed Superdad goodbye and found my place at the start, no personal space we were practically hugging each other. The starting horn sounded and that was it I was on my way like it or not. 2 laps in the village before heading out of the village and then back and another 2 laps around the village. My usual running partners at the club went by me and encouraged me to join them but I just could not summon up the energy to give it any more, their passing me and leaving me behind was soul-destroying and run destroying and as I ran back I knew I was way off my goal. I ran in at 45 minutes and when I found Superdad I burst in to tears and coughed and coughed and coughed. I did get myself back together and listened to the encouraging words of Superdad, followed by more encouraging words from other club runners and Coach Den. I had achieved a personal best and although it was not the time I KNOW I can do it was still 2 whole minutes faster than my last 10k. What a crazy girl I am !! I had achieved my PB My PERSONAL BEST time for a run of that distance. I have now agreed to run a half marathon at the weekend and worry about a whole new race. By then I hope to be back on track. Yes I know I am:


This year?

No twins, they were both with Nan and Grandad for the weekend. Superbad, my daughter and her boyfriend safely setting about their marshalling duties I headed to Coach Den’s to drop of kit and do a warm up. This year the aim Sub 43:00.

My warm up felt too slow but it was a warm up! Then a quick kit drop and to the start line. All huddled up again at the start which was great for keeping warm as it was frrrrrrreeeezzzzzing and away. I ran 1k too fast and then 2k on target and then 3,4,5,6,7,8, too slow and then 9 fast !!! At 5k I realised that my shoelace was undone. Stop and risk a fellow club runner (Rob) catching me or risk tripping?
I ran on, and although a little off putting I stayed upright!!!!!!

How do I feel about the time? initially annoyed with myself but, lets put it in perspective


THIS YEAR :43:13

What do you see? I see progress, so all hope not lost, not a PB but on track !! Stay positive folks

Happy Running Happy Runners!!!

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