Don’t give up now!!

Your nearly there over half way through
Give up now?
That’s the last thing you should do

Your body is tired it needs a rest
But working it hard is your key to success

Marathon training is a long old drag
But think of all the pleasure you’ll get when you can brag!!

People forget that its not just the race
It’s training before it, that is always taking place!!

Up really early, out really late
When’s your NEXT 20 miles?
Of course you don’t feel great

But I can promise you now fellow running friend
There’s a time you will feel great
At the marathons end!

You will be elated, excited and rightfully too
A moment in time that is just for you

The times you were running for hours on end
The days when you wished it would just all end
The aches and the pains
The pulls and the strains
The times you have said Never Ever Again!!

All a distance memory far in the 12 weeks past


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