Always Learning – The Racing Line

Well it has been quite a while since I actually blogged about MY training for a sub 3:15 Virgin London Marathon.

It’s going well, my body would tell you otherwise if it had another outlet other than my mouth. I ache, I’m tired and I’m fighting daily battles with myself either at 6.00am before a days work or at 7.00pm after a days work to get the training in. There’s all the content nagging guilt that I work all day, get home at 6.00pm and I am leaving the house at 6.45pm to run. That’s 3 days a week!!

Here’s my cue to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Doug for only sulking a little bit and being there for the kids so I can do this.

Well I’m in to the 20 mile long runs now and what better way to do the first than with a race? The Gloucester 20 to be precise a 3 lap course that started at 10.30am last Sunday. To be honest I was worried about it as I thought I may not have the company I’d had for last years race because I was running marathon pace and no one else from our club was ( running my marathon pace anyway). I did end up on my own with a couple of times when there was not a soul with me no fellow runners at all. I was lucky to have great support along the route Coach Den, Doug and Daisy (Daisy is the greatest running supporter of the toddler world) obviously taught by dad who is always on hand to support not just me but other fellow runners. Amongst other club members and regular supporters 🙂

Coach Den and Norm (Coach Dens former coach) both shouted to me about the racing line!!!!!!

I was running to pace and second lady not gaining on the first but holding my position and concentrating hard to keep it up. Drinking, taking gels every 30mins checking pace it’s a lot to do whilst running and then REMEMBER the racing line!!!! Ok so I cut the corner?? Go to the middle get to the edge? CONCERNTRATE. I definitely lost seconds to a minute by not making the most of the racing line, taking the line of least resistance, within the rules of the race of course if the Marshall’s say stay left! You stay left. Until I joined a club and had run under the instruction of Coach Den I was oblivious to the racing line. I just ran where ever I fit amongst the masses. But a wise owl said to me ” You put the hard work in during training so make it work for you in racing and get the rewards, you can takes chunks off your time by following the racing line”

So since then with Doug’s back to basics advice designed just for me who cannot do complicated, If your going left get left if your going right get right. I have been driving to work looking at the racing line, not driving it obviously as that could cause road rage for other road users. I have even been walking racing line around the office.

My race was a cracker If I say so myself, finishing 2nd lady 1st lady V35 and in an overall time of 2:27:08 a PB by 7 minutes. So training is going well and just 3 marathons in I am still learning.

Happy running Happy runners


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