Interview with the Partner of a Marathon Training Working Mum :)

I am always talking about me and how I feel. So for a change I thought Id ask someone else the questions and who better than my long suffering ever loving partner. Doug its over to you!!


Do you think I will achieve my goal of 3hrs 15 mins in the London Marathon this year?

Yes, you will be closer to the 3hr mark.

How does my training impact on our family life?

The training takes you away from family life, your long run may take three hours, but there is also the time it takes you to recover from it. Week day training takes you away from the twins bath and bed time.
The training also affects your mood one minute happy the next your a grump which places stresses on our relationship.

Do you think is all worth it?

Unsure, yes the results you get and the achievements are great, but does that out weigh the strain and stresses placed on family life and our relationship.

What are the best bits of supporting your partner through marathon training?

Knowing the results that will come at the end and how you will feel when the race is run.

and the worst?

Sometimes feels like I am a single parent, balancing your full-time work with your club night training and other running commitments. The nights when you come home from work and then your going out within 40 minutes.

What impact does training have on your relationship?

Tiredness and bad moods that come with long miles do put a strain on us and the falling asleep by 9 in the evenings. There’s not a lot of time For ‘us’ after the running and the kids.

If you could give one piece of advice to the partner of a distance runner what would it be?

Get out now!!! Seriously though, try to have some understanding of what your partner is feeling. Discuss your feelings if the training is causing concerns, and give as much support as you can.

I’m not really that moody am I?

You have your moments.

So there it is….. Even this caused a little friction. With my high pitched ‘really’ being heard far in to the distance. But communication is the key, be flexible and appreciate the support you have if you have it.

Keep Running Happy Runners


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