OTT Over Training Traumas

I am writing this blog stretched out on my sofa tired out and aching.

I have been marathon training for 14 weeks now. I’ve run one marathon The Virgin London Marathon after 12 weeks and then continued in preparation for my next just a month later The Edinburgh Marathon. Not just content with running I decided I have been missing some very important core work from my programme. So I have began some basic core exercises. I then decided I’d ramp it up a little more and attend a circuits class on my rest day. This all sound great, staying fit keeping strong.


The circuits session consisted of 16 work stations, skipping, running on the spot, squats with a weight, lunges, jumping jacks, and the rest were core based stations, plank, plank push up holds, Russian twist, pike (lower back) slow controlled sit ups amongst others. Based to dance music it-felt great and I worked as hard as I could push myself and had worked a real sweat up. I loved the class and intend to go back. I knew I’d be a little sore the next day I’m usually pretty slack on working any other muscles.

So I went to bed feeling pleased with myself and woke up feeling like I had been steam rolled in the night!! My obliques killed and my glutes. Walking down the stairs was nearly as hard as it had been after the Marathon and sitting down felt like I’d been kicked on each buttock a good few times. So you’d think I’d rest up


I’d promised to run 15 miles with a friend so at 4 in the afternoon I headed off on my run. I arrived at my running mates and when she suggested cross country YEAH !! Why not I said. I mentioned my discomfort to her but did not want to appear less hardcore than I am so didn’t go on about and enjoyed a pleasant 9 miles gritting my teeth as we climbed the odd style thinking as I warmed up the aching would subside. I left my friend at 12 to run my last 3 miles home I made it to 14 miles and could do no more I gave in to the aching. Home to the bath, getting in to the bath, ouch!! Getting out, ouch, getting dressed to go out to dinner, ouch, getting in the car ouch, getting out of the car ouch!! I’m sure your getting the picture.

Ouch ouch ouch

Today I should be running, but with a slightly raised resting pulse and still recovering muscles I’m having a REAL no exercise rest.

I think I may have pushed a little to hard worrying about being able to run in Edinburgh but the fact of the matter is, if you over train, you get noting but drained.

This is a really key thing to think about in whatever your training for. It’s obvious from how I’ve felt still feel, that Ive pushed a little to hard but it may not be so obvious. Here are some signs and symptoms of over training you should look out for:

Getting ill more than you normally do

Feeling tired and sluggish most of the time

Failing to do what you normally do when training

Gaining weight although your eating and training remains the same

Aching more than usual

These are just a few, a raised resting pulse can also be an indicator of an underlying problem. The main thing is listen to your body. It’s so hard, I know I didn’t listen to mine until it mega to scream.

Work Rest Work Rest is the Key to being as FIT as you can be.

Happy Running only comes with Happy legs



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