Running in the Buff


Life is short indeed and maybe one day I will go for it and run naked, but this blog is not about that kind of buff today. It’s about Buff Headwear.

I have recently been introduced to Buff gear and have been trying out 2 pieces of kit the ‘Buff’ headband and the ‘Buff’ Visor.

They have both proved extremely versatile and a piece of kit not to leave home without. My favourite of the 2 is the headband, its a headband but there is so much more to it. I love it because it can start on my head and then end up on my wrist, or vice versa and it washes up a treat.


The other great piece of ‘Buff’ that I have is the Visor. It was great to have with me at the London Marathon with a slight of hand I had the cap I needed when I was caught out by the sun and as I became to hot and wanted to remove my cap it simply slipped in to my race belt.

A big thank you to ‘Buff’ for letting me try them out, sorry no pics of me but over the summer I’m sure you’ll see them lots in my blog pics.


When your feeling rough
When the race is tough
At least your looking good
Whilst your running in the Buff

Thanks folks for reading this blog, I have had a bit of a blip when it comes to running and writing but I have managed to dig in, dig out and get back on track, so look forward to a few fab blogs to come

Happy Running, Happy Runners

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