It Will all Be 1Ok

2 and a half years of running 5 and a few half marathons (plus other distances) later I was tired, tired of the training, tired of the aching and lost. I had lost my way, I though I had made a decision that I wanted to run lots of marathons but I also wanted to run a sub 3:15 marathon and I also wanted to run a sub 42 10k.

I began aiming for the first target of 3:15 and the 2nd more marathons, this year after a 2012 of PBs. The plan was to run for sub 3:15 in London followed by running Edinburgh marathon in May and then 2 more autumn marathons. Obviously the 10ks would just happen (niavity)

The marathon miles went well, speed was ok, but the 10ks remained the same. My 20 mile race time was the only PB pre Marathon but looked good for that Sub 3:15 marathon target. The marathon arrived and ended with the disappointment of not hitting that target, but not to worry I had another one to run just 5 weeks later!! The other one Edinburgh was the toughest Marathon I have run to date, its a PB course but I was tired and I developed a blister.


I was not on target to hit any of my goals and ouched in at 3:30:53..ish in tears. After the event in hindsight I had fond thoughts of high fives with great kids on route but at the time I was beat.

Leaving it all behind me or so I thought I chose to run Fairford 10k with my running club the week after the marathon and it was very slow but that was fine I’d run a lot. I thought I would be feeling fresher at the Westonbirt 10k the week later. Oh dear oh dear, it was not a great race for me, I thought at one point I may have began running backwards, when club mates I would be with were nowhere to be seen and others I never usually see passing me were sailing by. It was after this race I chose not to run a half marathon the following weekend and Marshall. It was starting to become apparent something was wrong.

I was still running but feeling low, I had a chat with a fellow Bourton RoadRunner and friend on a club night and someone I admire a lot Steve Edwards aka ‘The God Father’ of marathons and realised I needed a plan. I spoke with my partner Doug about what my plans may be and then on a run with another club running friend, fellow mum and speedy chick Lucy, the coaches wife, I made a decision………

No more marathons in 2013, no Chester no Snowdon, I had already realised that time is important to me and running lots of marathons was not going to help. So in from my run I told Doug the decision and with that decision I began to make my plan which reads a little something like this:

Chill out on the miles for the next 6 months, so no Snowdon or Chester this year and then London or another Marathon in April then run Snowdon 2014 so I can train with Lucy. Next I’d like to run an Ultra before starting to add on the marathons 🙂

With my new plan I have changed the training and I have started Spinning and swimming and I have run another 10k the Sherborne 10k this week. The course was tough and my time was a PB on that course but most importantly I enjoyed myself and I was 3rd lady 🙂

So I’ve found myself, I know the way and I think for a while it will all be 1Ok

Have a great week X


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  1. It sounds like you’ve had a tough time, but it’s great that you’re feeling more positive now and have a plan. I hope you’re starting to enjoy running again.

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