No Sweat

Over the past few months I have noticed that I have been looking more and more like I’ve run through a shower during and at the of any training (obviously not swimming as I’m already soaked)

When I first began exercise/ kickboxing, then running, sweating felt localised , it was embarrassing, particularly the PPP (private parts perspiration) I soon got over it but would still have moments of self consciousness.

Now I seem to be sweating from everywhere!!!

My first thoughts were, I’m ill, my next, overtraining, then finally, unfit, I must be to be sweating soooo much.

Fortunately a little research cured my runnercondria and here’s what I discovered………

Why I sweat: its my bodies way of cooling me down, our bodies are constantly trying to keep us on an even keel, and sweating is one of its tools to help.

How it works: we have lots of sweat glands around 2-4 million and they produce moisture on our skin which then evaporates and cools us down

I’m not, ill overtraining or unfit: my body is actually über efficient at cooling me down.

Of course this is just information I discovered for myself about my sweating, if you think that your over sweating during exercise or in day to day life it’s always a good idea to get checked out.

Here are some Sweaty social media snippets:







Keep cool you sweaty lot


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