Good for age!!!

This week I received my acceptance for a Good for age place in the Virgin London Marathon and it got me thinking………

Does age matter? When you think of age in running do you see someone’s actual chronological age or there running age?

As a coach you look at your runners and categorise them in to stages Foundation, Event Group, Event Group Specialist, and Top Tastic (well you get the gist ) you don’t look at them and say she’s 50 runs a 45 min 10k she’s good for her age (how rude) she’s a darn good runner.

In running terms I’m still a fledgling runner, well I think so anyway, yes I have run 5 marathons and many many more smaller races and lots and lots of miles in training but I am still just a beginner with several 20 year olds having run a good few years more than me:)

Where else would you get away with the term Good for age? Imagine talking about Sandra’s ability in the work place. She’s great Sandra, really good for her age (How rude)

I think what I am trying to get across here is that when you see a runner you cannot see an age, unless you know a runners history how do you know how good they are for they’re age?

But then again……..

As a club runner I am always astounded when runners who are 70 run races in super fast times, I cannot even imagine running when I’m 70 let alone at speed. They are not just good for age they are ABBFA

Absolutely Blooming Brilliant For Age

If your having a tough patch (like myself recently) and find yourself comparing other runners which we inevitably do, think about a few things.

How long have you been running?
Whats your running age based on the time you have been a runner?
Think about the amount of training you do
How long others may have been running in comparison to you

Whats your running age in comparison to your actual age?

Word on the run is it can take up to 10 years from becoming a runner to reach your full potential. So I feel comfortable in the knowledge that I’ve got another 7 or so years to get myself to top form and I’ll be 44 and heading in to a new age catergory, will I be good for my age? or a darn good runner? BOTH probably 😉

My Life as a Runner

I went on a run to help me lose weight
It took me a while before I thought running was great
I’d run a few miles and then the odd race
That’s when I decided
I needed a goal to chase

The choice was easy, it just had to be
The 26.2 was my destiny
So that was it my fate was laid out
I could do it I had no doubt

I ran the marathon and felt pretty great
So my nearest club was my next running date
Surrounded by others just like me
Could I run better well, we would see

So then a club member with more challenges set
I developed, and improved and PBs were set

I’ve grown and evolved and Im still learning now
I plan to get faster but I’m still learning how…..


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