Just a Mile

With the Bourton 1 mile run due upon us in just two weeks time what better thing to do than share with you a review of my hardest ever race!!!

On July 21st 2012 with naivety my friend I entered the first mile race I have ever run. Set in the lovely village of Bourton on the Water the 1 mile race is organised by a lovely running husband and wife team Norm (coach) and Ali Lane. A favourite race of many, I did wonder why it wasn’t a favourite of many of my usual running buddies. Surely it couldn’t be THAT hard could it.


The deal done, entry paid, number on, I headed off on my warm up with a fellow speed fiend Gill. We decided to run a 2 mile warm up. A mile out to the start of the race and then half a mile out and back. On the 1/2 mile run back we realised we were running behind, we were going to miss the start! so we picked up the pace – it’ll be fine I thought


Phew! we made it. Fortunately the Bourton 1 mile a County favourite is a relaxed affair and Norm always has a lot to say, so we had just enough time to compose ourselves ready for the start!!

Watch reset and off I shot like a bullet on the JUST a mile race.

Within 200 metres I was feeling the pain but I pushed to the point of eye ball bulge and took energy (no not energy, I had none) encouragement from the supporting crowds in the last 400 metres, lined along the Bourton on the Water riverside. I was passed by people half my height and half my age looking as fresh as daisies. Finally I fell across the line in an exhausted lactate laced lump.

My time was 6 minutes and 11 seconds, so a great time and a great lesson, a mile race is never….

JUST A MILE !!!!!!!

Will I race this race again? Well who knows? It’s a little like childbirth, tough at the time but you soon forget what it really feels like 🙂

It is a well organised, well liked event that even with the pain has a great feel good factor.

Happy running happy runners X


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