Let It Be

Hello, yes I’m back!!!! Back to the blog after another uphill ride on life’s roller coaster. In the time that I have been away I have changed my job, my family has become a little smaller, I’ve changed my coach and my running schedule. My hair is now blonde and my brain expanded ( well slightly stretched)

I’ve run through all of the changes with a few days off when the schedule would not give anything up but the run all to get a PB at a PB half marathon!

After all this did I get a PB ?

NO I DID NOT 😦 😦 and am I beating myself up about it?


But why? The time I managed was 1:36:47 so not too bad, but the time I was aiming for was 1:31:00 and last year at the same half I managed 1:31:30. Granted, conditions were different, this year we saw wind and rain which made running a little tougher. I’ve had a few tough weeks. But are these reasons or just excuses. If my house was on fire and my family were locked inside and the only way I could get them out was run harder, would I?


It’s not all just physical ability , it’s also your strength of mind and ability to talk yourself to the target!!!

So what holds me back?

Could it be….?

I suffer terribly with race day nerves and as I’ve aged the nerves have become worse.

So what are the symptom’s of race day nerves? Well here are mine:

Before every race or major event in my life I think I have food poisoning from what ever I have eaten the night before!!

I have goosebumps, nausea and my hair stands on end (not the hair on my head)
My patience goes missing and I could cry at the drop of a hat!!or race gel or Garmin (other GPS devices are available). All of these symptoms use a lot of pre race energy.

It can also be said that these symptoms are a by product of adrenalin, a great boost on race day and often sees me running my first mile of most races at least 30 seconds faster if not more than I would like to.

Could it be……?

That nagging pain that I cannot put my finger on, it feels like it comes from my lower back on the left hand side and bothers my hamstrings and my knee, but my sports masseur cannot find anything really, just some muscle tightness? I do tend to get this pain when a race gets tough, so is it mind induced pain?

Could it be……?

My the new routine, or lack of routine,. My working hours had changed and the work load was high and unknown territory. Trying to study after a very long time of brain rest. Arranging the running club annual general meeting and more importantly their Christmas dinner as well. With a sprinkle on the top of being mum and partner? With no real plan other than fit the runs in.

It could be one of many things, so now is the time to LET IT BE!

When I find myself in times of trouble, Coach Lizzie comforts me, speaking words of wisdom LET IT BE!


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  1. Ah mind induced pain. I know it well. That things your positive mental attitude has to battle with during and after challenges and challenging times. Sounds like you’ve got an awful lot of stuff going on at the moment; a PB may well have helped you focus, celebrate, but it’s not that important. Don’t worry. Let it be.

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