“I have Run the Fastest I’ll ever run…….”

This is what my coach Dennis Walmsley said to me recently talking about his running career as he was heading to the big 50. (He arrived there last week)  However his focus has now changed to what he can achieve in a new age category!! Always a goal that he always achieves!!


He truly is an inspirational man and has achieved many many great things in his running career  If you click his name above you can see just what he’s achieved.  I remember the first time that I met Dennis on my first visit to running club Bourton Road Runners and I had idea who he was.  I think it took him at least 6 weeks to remember my name 🙂 Over the weeks I began running some long runs with Coach Dens wife Lucy (who incidentally is a great runner too) and whilst chatting she mentioned that Dennis would probably write me a schedule for my next Marathon  if I asked, so I did and that’s when Dennis became Coach Den 🙂

I followed my training schedule , and moaned along the way about the high miles and the lack of rest and the fact I had to work really hard ALL the time and managed to knock over 20 minutes off my personal best – all thanks to Coach Den

I am now following another schedule worked out for me by Coach Den and I am still moaning (its in my nature) and today I have run 22 miles feeling good, (odd twinge) the sun was shinning and I felt good despite high miles.  I hope to run a great marathon and I have every faith that one day in the future under the watchful eye of a fantastic coach who coaches not just me but others  all for love and not money (fortunately because I could not afford a coach of his calibre)


I will run………………………

The fastest I will ever run!!!!

Thank you Den and HAPPY 50th



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