Fitsip – Pro Lite

2 weeks ago I received an email from the Fitsip team asking me if I would review the new improved Fitsip Pro- Lite.  I was the very first blogger to review the Fitsip back in March this year and since then it has undergone a facelift and some improvements that have resulted in the Fitsip Pro Lite

The improvements are small but they have made a difference.

So, first of all let me answer your question if you did not see my previous blog. What is FItsip?

Fitsip is a hands free water container that you wear on your wrist during a fitness activity, for me 9 times out of 10 it will be on a run. It’s a great idea which means no more annoying hand held bottles.

I tried the Fitsip Pro Lite out at the Broadway half marathon. That was 5 Miles further than on my last review of fitsip. The bladder holds 200ml of water

Major differences that I noticed:

There were no leaks when I filled it up
The pro-lite let my arm breathe more
It was not annoying to carry
There is a small key/coin pocket


The initial taste was not too nice, due to newness NOT GREAT- this is still the same
Have to buy new bladders and mouth pieces NOT GREAT – but not too often hopefully
Not one to share with others

No hand held bottles GREAT
Enough for about an hour GREAT
Comfy to wear GREAT – much more comfortable now
Looks Good GREAT- looks even better now

Fitsip does what it says and I think its a great concept







LOOKING GOOD (all 3 of us)

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