I Just Want to Be Good


I was asked whilst out running last night on a lovely starlit evening with a gorgeous 3 quarter moon. 

“What do you want from your running? to which I replied” I just want to be GOOD !!

“So what’s good?  my running companion asked.

“Oh, umm – well I want to be up there with people who can run fast, I want to be able to run long distances, I want to be able  compete”, (my cogs were turning)

“So you want a bit of everything?

“Yes I suppose I do, I want to enjoy it but I want to be good at all of it”

“So you have won you age category in your club competition and in age group for the county competition”

“Yes but there are not many women in my age category who run competitively”

“Yes, but you do, which makes you GOOD”

“Well yeah I suppose it does, I’m always in the top half of the runs I do and up there in my age group”

“So you are good then?


“Yes, I’m good”


Wahoo!!!  fellow runners, I love you, because you love to run and I do too X

2 thoughts on “I Just Want to Be Good

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  1. I think you have summed up how much runners want to feel about their running, there is never a specific, you just want to be good at it!

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