She shoots She…….


Decisions decisions, we have so many to make everyday.

If you’re a runner you will most likely have a goal and if you don’t it’s a good idea to find one.

It could be to:

Come back from injury 😦

Run injury free!

Run every day for the whole of January….. (There’s a little thing called) Janathon that might help with this )

Run 5 times a week (check out Jantastic which might help with this)

Get a PB

Eat better- more, less, the right things

Run faster

Run for longer

To take on your ultimate challenge

Drink more water

And so the list can go on and on.

So what’s my goal this year?

Well I have a goal left over from 2013 which was to run a sub 3:15 marathon so I am carrying it forward and I am going to make that one of my goals for this year too. I am hoping to achieve this in London. I would also like to see my 5k 10k and marathon times come down and very very important……….

Is my goal to do all this for me!!! Not for my club, not for my coach, but for me which is why I am in control of my training this time around. (A daunting prospect to say the least) I’m going to experiment with a less miles more quality approach and see what happens.

So what’s the plan? because for any goal to be achieved there has to be a plan ( if I’m wrong then please do comment)

Well as far as my main running goal in the first 3 months of my year ( My Mesocycle #1 ) I am following the Pete Fitsinger Advanced Marathon training plan, max mileage 55 a week and also spending 2 days a week core / weight resistance training with a possible 3rd day thrown in. I am hoping that this programme will help with the 5k 10k and half marathon.

The mid part of my year has not progressed to mesocycle !!! It’s a more loosely structured have fun period which could involve amongst the usual suspects (local road runs) possibly the colour run in June, the Bupa 10k with my little sister and some marshalling and supporting ( hopefully my other half will be running and racing then)

The 3rd and final part of the year for me involves a challenge, yes a marathon which some of you will think is not a challenge but it’s a hilly one which to me represents a real challenge. it would be easy to say I won’t race it but I will and I will be aiming for the best time I can get. All or bust ( let’s hope not bust)

So I have set up the the targets I’m aiming for my goals let’s hope the end of the story will read….

She SCOREs !!!!!!

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