Daydream Believer

Cheer up sleepy runner there is something else that we can do to get the best running from ourselves.

Some of us probably do this right now and do not even realise it.

So I can here ask, what is it then?


I do not recommend that you imagine you are Mo Farrah and expect to run at his pace or that you start daydreaming mid race (remain focused) But what many other runners and sports physiologists do recommend is that we visualise. To me this translates as, daydream and imagine, be there before you get there!! It helps you believe in what you can achieve.

The are 3 kinds of visualisation

1. You imagine yourself running the race your going to run or hammering out the training session you’re going to do

2. You imagine (visualise) yourself watching you running the race, hammering out the training session

3. You imagine it and also the surroundings smells etc.. and simulate the movements of the race or session

Do be aware that this can also work in the negative. If you are prone to getting stressed and worrying about a race, do not imagine the worst will happen. You need to imagine the best will happen see yourself ahead of the pack, relaxed shoulders easy stride, powering on through the pack, and running hard over that finishing line..wahoooo!!!

This form of psychology can be used in all walks of life. Job interviews , meetings, events. You imagine the event, believe in the event and if it works well the event will become what you want it to be.

It takes practice like any form of training does and for some of us it just won’t work, but for most of us it will. So go on give it a go and let me know how you get on.

I will spend my day today visualising how I will push hard and run run run at the 1k x (only coach knows) speed work session that I will be attending tonight. Now this is a good thing it really is but for me does mean the day is filled with inner turmoil arrrrrrgh!!

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