I’m totally addicted to………


A few weeks back I was lucky enough to receive two sets of base layers. I received SubRX compression top and pants from Sub Sports



The afternoon that they arrived I pulled them out of there packaging and my Initial thought was I’m never going to fit in to these!! Then I tried them on and squeezed myself in. Needless to say they were tight, but that’s the way they are meant to be. From a style point of view I liked the branding, the pink and the shape of the kit. At this point I was not entirely convinced they we’re for me. I decided it would take a run to see what I really thought.

When better than a mid-week long run 14 miles to try them out? I piped myself in to them, put a layer on top plus hi-Vis and shorts over the tights and set out on my run. Initially they took some getting used to and adjusting for me to get comfy. I found them a little irritable at the back of my knees, a few miles in and I’d forgotten about what I was wearing and simply thinking about finishing the run.

So what is compression kit supposed to do:

– it is supposed to improve blood flow and oxygen to the muscles

Did it do this for me? I felt comfortable and easier in myself than usual so I’m going to say YES

– due to the wicking fabric it should draw moisture away from your body

Did it do this ABSOLUTELY this was great

– it is supposed to reduce lactic build up

Does it? Again based on wearing this kit a few times now it definitely does this, cramping due to lactic in the evenings is greatly reduced after I’ve been wearing this kit.

It did take me some time to get used to wearing compression kit. But now it is one of the first pieces of kit I reach for, for all runs. In particular I favour the top. The top and tights have both been through the wash several times and are both just as tight and effective as they were on that first wear. ( either that or I’m growing in size prior to each piping into them)

Love Um!!

and Thermal base layers top and bottoms form Sub Zero.


The thermals were much easier and softer to put on and I have found that they do pretty much what it says on the box. So what does it say on the box:


They are comfortable and keep you warm. I have worn the top on several occasions as a base layer when my compression base layer has not been to hand and it’s been a cold morning or evening run. I will be wearing both of these next weekend when I will be marshalling at the Bourton 10k so I’ll let you know exactly how they did then.

It’s good to be back to blogging after a blog break.

Thanks for reading and keep running!

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