A letter of Complaint…

Dear Claire

We are writing to you as 10 significant members of Team Claire. We are aware that in the last week you have made some changes but we would like to highlight to you some of the issues that we have faced culminating in what was a very uncomfortable racing and post race event in Bath last week.

Please rest assured that the rest of your team are more than happy with their working conditions and the treatment that they receive.

We have supported and our team leaders to carry you on all your running and fitness quests over the past 6 years. Until you decided to increase our working hours 2-3 years back we were all more than happy in our roles.

Initially we were comfortable with the longer hours as the personal safety equipment that you provided us with seemed to be comfortable and prevent us from injury. We are all pleased to have remained injury free during our time supporting you. However over time we have tried to alert you to our growing discomfort. Firstly our nails have begun to suffer and unfortunately much to our dismay we did have to say goodbye nails that had once been immaculately turned out. They suffered an awful fate, after turning black and blue they just fell away from us. We love the runs that we have been part of and we did try on many occasions to send you messages during and after them, in the hope that you would maybe consider treating us to a hot bubble bath, a massage or some one to one time. We are very aware that other team members do receive this treatment. Our messages went unnoticed.

Our feelings came to a foot at the last race that we supported you in The Bath Half last week. We all ached after our training runs but we were there to ensure you would run the best race you could on that day. You cannot imagine our outrage when we found that for this race you expected us to squeeze in to new lightweight racers!! that we have only worn the once maybe twice before. You ignored the signals we tried to send to you and made us squeeze in anyway. We contained our feelings for the first 30 minutes of the run but unfortunately we had no choice but to scream out in pain as once again we found ourselves developing fluid filled cysts and one of our larger team members began bleeding putting yet another nail under threat. We would normally have loved the two lap course with huge amounts of support along the way but our pain took the enjoyment from us. We are aware that we did let the whole team down on this day and we did. not ultimately achieve our best time, but there was nothing that we could do.

What made this event even more unbearable was that usually after the race you would allow us to change, however this time you made us keep the same gear on and assist in driving you the hour and a half home after helping you hobble in to the city to get your coach.

Like we a said at the beginning of this letter we are aware that you have made some changes and we do feel bad that we had to cause you pill taking pain to achieve this. Thank you for the new trainers half a size bigger these are much comfier and thank you for easing the pressure of the water filled cysts.

We would like to ask you to please remember the little guys (and 2 big) in your team, care for us, think about us and we’ll be there for you all the way.

Here’s to a great comfortable pain free London marathon

Yours Sincerely

Your toes

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