Twins Training Tips – Dream Big!


This is Robbie and Daisy they have been in the running world since the day they were born, well about 4 weeks later.

Every week they share their top tips on running, family and life!! They may just teach you a thing or two. I learn lessons from them all time.

Dream Big

It occurred to me this week whilst watching the twins go about their daily life being a Ninja a Princess, a Runner or Horse amongst many other things that at some point most of us stop using our imaginations and are dreams start to get smaller or worse still diminish into dust after let downs and knock backs.

When I first began my running career I was naive and fearless and had a childish innocence, I could only imagine what lay ahead. As time passed I had knock backs and problems that got in the way of my running hopes and dreams and the many crazy things I’d volunteer for or enter, I stopped imagining the fun I could be having. (I’m up for anything that challenges me) I put up my own barriers, obstacles and reasons why I couldn’t or shouldn’t .

Recently I’ve started to allow myself to start chasing my dreams again, dreams like speaking in front of a crowd of people at the @writethisrun monoblogues, I entered, I was selected and now I’m going to have to live that dream. Dreams of running one marathon on one day and then another the next day. I’ve now entered a double and will be living that dream in December, I could only have imagined this before. I am loving imagining what lies ahead.

So this week is not really a tip from the twins but something that we can all learn from them:

BE IMAGINATIVE- and have fun with it




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