From Tarmac to Trail – #TrailTeam2014

Well, what a great way to spend a Saturday, with a group of 49 others hoping to become part of the Berghaus Trail Team 2014

The first part of my adventure was getting to the event. I do not leave the safety of the countryside that often and rarely on my own!!

I was awake and ready by 7:00am ready to leave the house no later than 7:15am. I drove to Hillingdon Tube (easy I’ve done that route before) the difficult bit for me was going to be the tube trip. I purchased my ticket from the machine, an off peak travel card zones 1-9 (first job done, I did phone my man to make sure that was right)

Then I followed my carefully written down route plan jotted on the back of this


Hillingdon-Metro line to Aldgate or Baker- get off Finchley

Finchley – Jubilee Line to Stanmore or Wembly-get off West Hampstead

London Overground towards Stratford- get off at Gospel Oak, then it was just a short walk.

I got there and as I came out of the station I met Caroline who was also attending the Trail Team event. Whilst trying to navigate to the venue we met another couple of people on route and all headed in to the event together.

First things first, registration, name badges which had our raffle number on and very importantly coffee cups.

Next the most nerve racking part of the event…….. Head shots eek (that’s me out of the running)

Whilst I was sitting waiting for the day to begin a familiar face said hello and I was very pleased with myself for finding her in my memories usually unreliable filling system and being able to say hello to Kirsty Reade winner of The Thunder Run 2013

The room was buzzing with conversation which could have gone on all day if it wasn’t for the fantastic talks that informed us, motivated us and inspired us.

First up Information

First we heard about The Berghaus Brand and the fantastic products that they have for Trail runners and outdoor lovers including their inspirational athletes who have helped shape many of their products in particular Phillipe and Anna Gatta who you can check out here and also we found out some other great ways we can get involved with Berghaus

Then I had some lightbulb moments during the Torq Fitness talk and even though I’m ever sceptical of being sold to, after a taste of some great gels and bars (the rhubarb and custard seemed a fave) and a really well informed talk and presentation I’ll be trying them out.

A flash before my eyes and Led Lenser were brightening the view with their no one can compare Head torches for what came next….

Cheese butties all round and a rest from sitting down more time to talk trails, marathons and ultras. I also managed to talk to David Coombes from Berghaus and find out more about their initiatives.

Next on the agenda Motivation

What a fantastic talk from David and Katharine Lowrie and their 5000 mile project the joy they feel from what they have achieved was still present and rightly so the had an amazing experience which help raise awareness of something they are both passionate about.

How best to follow Katharine and David? With the very inspirational and motivating Stuart Mills aka Ultra Stu, winner of the Lakeland 100 2013 amongst a long list of achievements. Stuart spoke about our perception of ourselves as athletes our goals are they journey or destination and about our belief in what we can achieve. This in particular struck a chord with me as I had just begun to think this way and have had some good experiences in my last weeks training by believing I could run with people I never normally would run with. Stuarts’s now on my list of running heroes, the list is long and growing all the time. 🙂

All enthused and inspired it was time to run, what a great run on and around Hampstead Heath, we ran in a buzz of conversation, I had a chance to talk to so many runners during the 6.5 miles it was great and even better ticked a run off my schedule for the week!

Back at base we had just enough time to draw the raffle and unfortunately I didn’t win but I did get the chance for another quick chat with a member of last years Trail team Tim Ellis

Then before I knew it, it was time to head for home, the conversation continued on the tube journey home until Trail team 2014 hopefuls parted company and I am now waiting as patiently as I can to find out if I am one of the lucky 4 to be picked as part of the team. I have a new blog ready to start just incase’From Trail 2 Tarmac’ and may find training difficult over the next 2 weeks with toes crossed.

Thank you to everyone that made this day possible !!!

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