Twins Top Tips – Individual Time


This is Robbie and Daisy they have been in the running world since the day they were born, well about 4 weeks later.

Every week they share their top tips on running, family and life!! They may just teach you a thing or two. I learn lessons from them all the time.

Whilst spending time with the twins it occurred to me that although they love being together and spend a lot of time together they thrive on the individual time they get to spend with us. It gives us time to focus on them as an individual and not them as the twins.

Taking this in to my world of training and my often very want it all approach I can see when I take a step back that for areas of my running to thrive they need individual attention.

To go faster I need to spend time going fast and have some one on one time with speed

To go longer, it’s one to one with distance and so on. This can be applied to all of our training aims and to all the things we want to thrive in our lives.

I asked both the twins

Do you like to be with mummy and daddy on your own or with mummy, daddy and Robbie / Daisy?

They both replied with mummy and daddy on my own.

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