Twins Top Training Tips- Keep Running / Just be you


This is Robbie and Daisy they have been in the running world since the day they were born, well about 4 weeks later.

Every week they share their top tips on running, family and life!! They may just teach you a thing or two. I learn lessons from them all the time.

Quote of the Week

‘Mummy the house is in the way’


Initially I laughed and then explained that unfortunately we couldn’t move the house so that Robbie could keep on riding.

‘Ok’ he replied and turned his bike around and set off the other way.


The lesson for all of us here is that to get where you're headed you will come up against things that you cannot move, cannot change or influence in any way. A little like my bad news not getting in to The Trail Running Team. So what will I do? I'll get back in the saddle look straight ahead and start looking for another route to pedal down or run down even 🙂

I'll find that path that gets me just where I wanted to go and so will you.

This week Daisy’s tip is just be you


Happy running Happy runners

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