Altra Torins – Review @AltraZeroDrop

A few months back after a half marathon resulting in particularly bad blisters. I began researching new running shoes more for space and comfort than to emulate barefoot running and on a list of top running shoes from Runners World, I found Altra Running Shoes. So I searched for their shoes online and found their uk website.

Then I mooched about and decided I liked what I saw and I thought I’d get in touch with Altra and ask them if they’d send me their Olympus shoe to review as I felt it would be the best suited to the distance running that I do. Unfortunately the Olympus shoe was not in the UK when I got in touch but they did have their Torin shoe and they organised for a pair in my size to be sent out. (Thank you muchly)

It’s always exciting when you get anything through the post, but even more exciting when they come in a box like this.


I am a simple soul and things like is please me.

I have to admit when I first saw the Torins I wasn’t struck by their beauty. I usually go for brighter coloured shoes. However to use a well known saying or two ‘Beggars can’t be choosers’ and ‘The proofs in the pudding’ (or the wearing rather than the pudding in this case)

So let’s cut to the technical stuff about these shoes, I’m not good at this myself so this information is taken from the Altra UK website.

Experience a cushioned, comfortable run with the Torin™–our highly cushioned neutral training shoe. Two-layer AltraBound™ cushioning returns energy back into each stride and reduces impact on hard surfaces. The well-cushioned ZeroDrop™ platform and foot-shaped toe box work together for natural foot positioning. This combination places your heel and forefoot the same distance from the ground and allows proper toe splay to help you run the way you were born to. Run with relaxed feet, less impact and better technique with the Torin.

Product Review: (all my top picks are in bold)
Ideal Uses: Road Running, Light Trail Running, Fitness
Designed to Reduce: Shin Splints, Knee Pain, Forefoot Pain, Bunions
Platform: ZeroDrop™ Platform with Maximum Cushioning, Foot-Shaped Toe Box
Weight: 7.8 oz
Stack Height: 28 mm
Midsole: Two-Layer EVA/AltraBound™
Outsole: Blown Rubber MetaPod™
Insole: (2) 5mm Contour and 3mm Strengthen
Upper: Quick-Dry Air Mesh
Other Features: Great Slip On Feel, Super Sexy. Natural Ride System

I found this simple and straight forward and hope you do as well, if you have any further questions please let me know and I’ll ask for you.

Now to the fun stuff the wearing.

When I put my Torins on I genuinely thought I’d put my slippers on. My tubby trotters were able to relax and my toes had lots of room to spread out. The first run we went on together was a 7 mile easy run, I was expecting to feel some due to my heels and toes being the same distance off the ground like they would be if running barefoot. They were great no niggles, just comfort for me. I do rotate my running shoes regularly which Altra advise that you do because if you have been running in conventional 2-to-1 sole shoes (that’s heal twice as thick as the forefoot) for most of your running life your Achilles and calves become neutralised and they may need some time to re-develop. They also advise that some runners may experience 1- 4weeks of lower calf soreness. I never felt any soreness apart from some slight discomfort in my ankle after the first 17 mile run in my Altras . However I’ve felt discomfort from most new running shoes on their first long distance outing. It did not take long for me to bond with my Torin’s and they debuted at 10k last week, speeding me in comfort along country lanes to a sub 43 minute PB. With a winning race onboard I decided that the Torin’s would be the chosen ones to accompany me on my most recent marathon 26.2 miles around lake Windermere at the Brathay Windermere Marathon, that’s a whole other blog! I can happily say I was really happy with how the Torin’s performed. They are a great road running shoes and are just as comfy over the easier trails.


I’m now looking forward to giving the Olympus a try. I am definitely convert to the Altra shoe.

Has anyone else tried them I’d like to hear your view and experiences.

2 thoughts on “Altra Torins – Review @AltraZeroDrop

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  1. Claire, I’d love to try out some Torins. I have just received some Brooks PureFlow which have a 4mm drop which seems OK so far, but such narrow forefoot area. What kind of shoes have you been running in prior to making this zero-drop change?

    1. Hi Chris, I’ve been running in Brooks Pure Cadence prior to the Altras. I think they have helped the transition. I still rotate between the Brooks, Altras and occasionally my Saucony pro glides.

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