The Gift of Running

The Gift of Running

No this is not a blog about how great I feel that I have a gift and that gift is the ability to run, I do have this gift and I’m chuffed that I do. This blog is about just how great it was to share my running and give it as a gift to my little sister. She is not so little these days she is 28 but 10 years my junior, lovingly known by me as my little blister, Sian

Last year as Christmas was approaching I was wracking my brains for gift ideas for Sian and apart from the usual suspects, smellies or clothing I was stuck. But then I had a lightbulb moment! I could enter Sian in to a race and we could run together. This was also a gift for me too.
I knew Sian was fit from being a great netball player but I thought I’d best check my gift idea out with her first, just incase it was not her idea of a gift.

Amazingly Sian loved my gift idea so I promptly paid for our entires in to the Bupa London 10,000 and Sian set about her training with urgency!! This is not strictly true, she took her time to start the training but did get out there though it took some time. I’m sure Sian would agree with me that when it comes to running she’s still a fair weather runner.

Unfortunately because we live over 150 miles away from each other I could not train with Sian but we kept in touch regularly and Sian was really pleased when she did her first ever 6 mile run in preparation for our first 10k together, so was I!

The time flew by and before we knew it race day was upon us. We were up early and London bound for 6:00am feeling the nerves. Me wondering whether Sian would enjoy racing as much as I do and Sian feeling those pre race jitters. We made the most of a pre-race massage, handed over our baggage, responded to natures call and then headed for our starting pen. It was great to be in amongst all those runners (my kind if people) with my sister. Not long to wait and we were off. The first mile Sian was chatting happily and I pointed out The tourist spots ion route. I was chatting away and then realised that Sian had stopped chatting she was digging in. I kept telling her she could do it, I could see it was tough, I know that feeling. I thought to myself ‘oh know she’s going to hate me’ at 9 kilometres I gave in to my heart and said if you really need to stop you can! That was it there was no way my little sister was stopping now how ever hard this was and as head strong as ever she ploughed on home making me sprint the last 200 meters. After a few minutes to recover from the hard work and the heat, elation set in and my gift truly became a gift. Huge smiles a big hug and guess what? Sian’s planning her next race.

Running truly is a great gift and if you get the chance to give that gift to someone you love then you should as you get so much back too.


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