Getting to the Heart of the Matter

For many of us when we start running it is for one of the following reasons

To improve our fitness
To lose weight
To prove we can
To raise the profile and/ or money for a charity that we feel strongly about

Every single one of these reasons ‘Take Heart’ I cannot let this expression go by without mentioning a popular programme from my youth and that ever popular character – who many a fun runner can be seen dressed as on race days MORPH of course. Sorry to those young enough for this little paragraph to go over your head.

Back to my point Running ‘Takes Heart’

Lets look at the science first. Your heart, that ever working muscle found sitting a little wonky in the left of your chest. Without it where would we be? (DEAD)

Do you remember that first run on your route to becoming ‘A Runner’ I do I did not make a mile and felt as though my heart was beating out of my chest. Back then I did not have a clue about what was going on in my body. I was unfit and my heart was working harder than it had done for quite some time to pump my blood around my body, carrying the much-needed oxygen to my muscles.

So what actually does happen to your heart when you run? I could write this all out for you but I will lose you around the second sentence so here is a fun video that made me laugh Your Heart When you Exercise

So for fitness, we simply need to get the heart pumping and pumping good! to lose weight we need to get the heart pumping, pumping good and then pumping real good. By working between 60-75% of your maximum hear rate you will be working in the fat burning zone. If you train with this in mind and put less energy in than the energy you use, you will lose weight.

So that’s the fitness and weight loss covered, but where does the heart come in when it comes to proving yourself and raising money for charity?

Well for both of these you need a passion to succeed and passion ‘Takes Heart’

To prove yourself, you need a ‘Brave Heart’ strength that will get you training and pushing to your limits. The Wahoo in your heart when its going well and the roar of determination when you need to grit your teeth and get it done. Where does this strength and determination come from? it comes from you. You need to have a goal. it is important to put thought in to the goals that you set. Make them achievable and set smaller goals that you can achieve on route to your main goal.

Where does the heart get involved when you are running and raising for charity? At this time of year many runners have been unsuccessful in their London Marathon ballot entry and consider running for a charity. My advice to anyone running for a charity is to apply for a charity that you feel passionately about. I have run races for Tamba (The Twins and Multiple Births Association) Help the Hospices and Macmillan and each of these charities is close to my heart due to my own, friends and families experience’s. I personally think that without this connection it is much harder to find the motivation to raise money for your charity. If there is heart-felt feeling you are more likely to have the drive and determination to make as much money and run for a charity.

So fellow runners with all my heart I wish you all great runs and success achieving all of your goals whatever they may be.

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