Cotswold Claire’s A-Z of running Todays letter is the letter A


Aim for something, it doesn’t have to be a race, it can be!! Or it can be to simply start running after a walk or to run to a certain point, it can be to run quicker each day each week or each month. It can be to run faster than that person who always seem to pip you at the post even if just once.

If you have an aim you can then have a focus and with a pinch of determination you’ll get there.

My next aim is to run 2 marathons in a weekend. I’m not sure I can but I’m aiming for it so let’s see if it happens.

Happy running Happy runners x

2 thoughts on “Cotswold Claire’s A-Z of running Todays letter is the letter A

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  1. I was only just reading an article on the British woman who won The Comrades and I thought after your double marathon you should have a go at 50k and then 100k. You could do well. You don’t want to do too many so go for the national champs. You never know where it may lead you !

  2. I would really like to give that a go Den but I’m not sure where to start and how to plan for it. I am looking forward to completing the double and then I will then look at what next 🙂

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