10 Marathons 262 miles

In 2011 I took up the baton
If he could do it so could I
Run a marathon

Many weeks of training mostly all alone
Miles and miles covered,
Hours spent running back to home

My first marathon was Chester a city surrounded by a wall
I loved that 26.2
I had to finish
That was all

The next was THE marathon
Our capitals sparkling jewel
The one that has inspired a nation
Of crazy running fools

A great time saw me running in Chester one more time
Just to see
If I could go much faster
I smashed my own PB

Once you’ve run THE marathon
It steels some of your heart
So there I was again
Good for age start

Times started slowing but I was having fun
So just a few weeks later another marathon
This one gave me blisters and at the end I cried
I finished Edinburgh marathon
asking myself why?

Time to have break
From the marathon
Til 2014 when guess which start I was on?

After London, followed Stratford
Where I paced a running mate
When you help someone else
A marathon is great!!

Feeling on a high I had no running fears
Off the face some hills
In stunning Windermere
A run around a stunning lake
How hard could it be?
Well it nearly made me break
But was not the end for me

Time to rest for a month or so
A month later and off I go
Training to get fit again
To get faster and improve time
A run in Wolverhampton
Saw 2nd place be mine

Number 10 was a toughie
Some say the toughest there is
No pressure for a time
Just give what you can give

Snowdon was a tough one
But awesome too
One I’d do again
262 miles
Marathon number10


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