Cotswold Claire’s A-Z of Running -Todays letter is the letter C


Is for Cake

Yes that’s right cake, cake is a must have in my running alphabet. I run marathon miles so that of can eat mahoosive amounts of cake and here is a list of a few of my favourites:

Lemon Drizzle -my Nan’s favourite too, I miss her 😦

Victoria Sponge – a thick fluffy top and a thick fluffy bottom, a generous filling and a good dusting of icing sugar on the top

Chocolate cake with cream filling- I can’t get this cake any more as it was a grandma special it was sooo good. I often try cakes that look like they might just make the grade but they never do.

Chocolate Orange cake- another grandma cake that was a chocolate cake baked in a loaf shaped tin, topped with chocolate orange

Coffee cake, Carrot cake, -I try these regularly when I get the chance to have a coffee out and critique every one. They can also be found on occasion in my cupboard as standby emergency cakes (they dont stand by for long

Banana loaf – my beloved baked Mary Berrys Banana loaf for me last week It was scrummy

This cake was for my daughters 13th Birthday it was awesome and was full of sweets in the middle!


I really could not run
Just for runnings sake
I could not be a runner
Without the help of cake

Keep running and eating cake 🙂

What’s your fave?

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