Cotswold Claire’s A-Z of Running -Todays letter is the letter D



is not for distance or disaster, it’s not for DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness. It’s not for drive (instead of run) and it’s not for diet. My D is for


How often do you say your determined to do something? Are you really determined?

The quality of being determined; firmness of purpose:
those who succeed because of sheer grit and determination

I have found the meaning of determination in my running. I have been determined to complete a marathon and so I was motivated to get out and train to run a marathon. I was determined to get faster at the marathon so I went out and worked harder and faster. One thing I am determined to do this year is to complete a double marathon in December and that is what has helped me get out and run long miles followed by long miles and also to run some of these runs in laps so that when it comes to the ‘BIG’ day I’ll be able to run the 8 laps I need to run on both days

I’m done with the double long runs in training now and on my taper. I’m ready to give it my best shot in 2 weeks and see if determination can breed success!

What are you determined to do?

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