Cotswold Claire’s A-Z of Running -Todays letter is the letter E (let’s get giddy with it)


Is for Excitement…… Nervous excitement!!!

It was going to be for energy or endorphins but today it’s definitely about excitement.

I’m excited about the double marathon that I’m going to take part in over the weekend. It’s the Enigma Christmas double marathon. On Saturday at 9:00am I will run 7 or so laps totalling 26.2 miles around Caldicot lake in Milton Keynes and then on Sunday at 9:00am I’ll run 7 or so laps totalling 26.2 miles around the same lake. I hope to run them both under 4 hours and enjoy myself too 🙂

I’ve run a marathon before, I know is can run 26.2 miles but I don’t know if I can run one the day after. In training I’ve run 20 miles followed by 16 miles the day after. So quite honestly I just don’t know and that makes me giddy!!

It’s this excitement and anticipation that keeps me training, I know when I’m nearing a race or an event I’ll get that giddy feeling, you know the feeling you used to get on Christmas Eve. I think it’s important to choose something to do that excites you. Whether it’s running a certain time or taking on a particular event or helping someone else by pacing or guiding a run.

I’m giddy to go just 3 more sleeps!

Are you getting giddy? What’s your exciting event Let us all know!

Happy running Happy runners

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